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Chronicle for Higher Education 12/01/08

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Executive Secretary - Moroccan American Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchanges
Foreign Service Institute (Morocco)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

Applied Statistician: Health Outcomes and Related Policy
New York University (New York)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

Assistant Professor - Economics, Sociology, or Communication
University of New Mexico (New Mexico)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

Assistant/Associate Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs
Marquette University (Wisconsin)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

Director, College Savings Initiative
New America Foundation (D.C.)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

Assistant Professor, Macro Practice
San Diego State University (California)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

Spanish Language Teacher
Saint James Catholic School (Georgia)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

Multiple Positions
Georgia Perimeter College (Georgia)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

Assistant Professor-Spanish
Jacksonville State University (Alabama)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

Two Assistant Professors
Howard University (D.C.)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

Chinese - Special Service Teaching Instructor
George Washington University (D.C.)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

Grants Coordinator, International Programs
Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge (Louisiana)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

Administrator Head, Alaska and Polar Regions Collections
University of Alaska at Fairbanks (Alaska)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System Office (Minnesota)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

Open Positions
Palm Beach Community College (Florida)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

Academic Department Head of Languages and Literature
Ferris State University (Michigan)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

Multiple Faculty Positions
Drexel University (Pennsylvania)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

Dean, College of Letters and Science
University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point (Wisconsin)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

Associate Vice President for Environmental Safety
University of Georgia (Georgia)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

Research Assistant Professor, School of Oceanography
University of Washington (Washington)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

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